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Since 1960, a history of developing and marketing
innovative fish & game technology.

Vektor™ Fish & Game Forecasts' roots go back to 1960 when John Uldrich and Robert Knutson, both avid hunters and fishermen from Little Falls, Minnesota, founded Vexilar Engineering Inc. Their first product in the fishing arena was the Deptherm™ - a unique and simple tool for finding depth and temperature. Still in production by Vexilar Inc., over a million of these units have been sold. In 1965 they acquired an electronic temperature sensing device from Honeywell Inc. which also served as a depth finder. No longer in production, it did put Vexilar into the electronics sector relating to fishing and opened the door to sonar equipment which they first imported from Japan.

Pioneering high-resolution, solid
state fish location display technology.

By 1968 Uldrich and Knutson were designing and producing leading edge sonar equipment, pioneering the use of ‘sound’ in sonar, liquid crystal displays and light emitting diodes for display purposes (LEDs). They were the first to offer high resolution solid state displays (Video Sonar™) which are now the standard of the industry.

They continued to research the impact of temperature on fish feeding and migration patterns and collaborated with the magazine called “Fishing World” for many years on this subject.
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As president of Vexilar Inc., Uldrich was inducted into the original Fishing Hall of Fame for his work on fish temperature correlations and his effort to use advanced technology in the development of fishing finding equipment. Vexilar, under Uldrich’s presidency, pioneered the use of existing sonar for recovery work by Law Enforcement officers and agencies.

Fish & Game Forecast Begins.

In 1973, Vexilar took on the project of marketing a Fish & Game Forecast service offered by DataSport, then of Minneapolis. When the two partners sold the company (Vexilar) in 1980, John Uldrich formed Vektor™ to continue the fish and game services under that name. The use of NOAA data took place at this time and continues to this day.

Vexilar is a Latin term meaning “a soldier on the leading edge” and “Vektor” was used in the forecast service because the NOAA formula relies exclusively on the use of the 37-constituent forces which drive our planetary system thus creating the tide predicting data. This is based on the mathematics of “Vector Analysis” – hence “Vektor”.

To learn more about the history of “Fish & Game Forecasting” – the evolution of solunar history, click here.

Picture of trophy fish in Key West, FL

Key West Trophy Permit

1970s SONA-GRAF™ sonar system

SONA-GRAF™ circa 1970s

Vexilar Inc. Deptherm

Over 1 million sold

First Electronic Temperature Sensing Unit

First Electronic Temperature Sensing Unit


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