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Precision Solunar Data – is offered to newspapers, outdoor publications along with radio and television outlets.

For the print media, data is available in numeric formats (weekly or monthly) and in curved line (earthtide amplitude forces).

Vektor will be pleased to offer quotes on these services which are provided a year at time (we ship in late September, October – earlier if required). New start ups are billed on a pro-rata basis.

If a publication currently has a similar service, we will be pleased to bid on the account.. If our bid is acceptable and services ordered, we will guarantee that the bid price will be maintained for two years following the first year of service.

Delivery: Data can be transmitted electronically via the Internet in various formats. Currently, ASCII is the most popular mode for numeric data.

Curves data transmission via Adobe PDF. This allows publications to access a year’s worth of data in one file and to manipulate it to meet the demands of both print and web processes (when you buy the data base for a year, it includes both print and electronic rights. The right to re-sell the data via other means is prohibited.

Vektor offers cross-merchandising links of its existing publications. Contact us for information on how this can increase your readership.

Vektor Forecasts™ are available in the following presentations:

  • Numeric data base showing the four major time periods during the solunar day consisting of the two major peaks along with the two minor peaks.
  • Graphics: called the ‘Curved Line Data’ these charts show the actual magnitude and timing of the Earthtide which drives all fish and game prediction systems.
  • Calendar Data: a twelve month calendar, these monthly presentations show the curved line (magnitude and time), the numeric value (major and minor periods) and the moon phase.
  • Book Format: A pocket sized book sent in a sealable plastic bag, the monthly numeric values are shown. Field safety and first aid data is included.
  • Radio & TV formats: these are produced on a customized basis. For additional information click here. For additional information on use by newspapers and publications, click here.



Time Magazine Cover August 1973

The man under then Governor Wendell Anderson (Minnesota) arm is John Uldrich. Taken at the Governor’s Fishing Opener that year, John recognized his hat, custom-fishing outfit and pipe using a magnifying glass. More importantly he recognized the fish – a ‘hammer handle pike’ which he had just caught using a new fishing rod at the time – an ultra-lite. Photographers in nearby boats asked John to hand the rod over to the governor so they could snap his picture. Several months later the picture appeared on the cover of Time Magazine (August 1973).







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