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Welcome to Vektor™!
Solunar Tables Offering Precision Fish and Game Feeding and Migration Data!

Founded in 1973 under Vexilar Inc., a leading developer of sonar equipment, Vektor™ Fish & Game Forecasts offers newspapers, web sites, radio and television stations, fishermen and hunters Solunar fish and game tables that show precisely when wildlife are most likely to be them the advantage they need.

Vektor™ Solunar Tables utilize NOAA tide-predicting formulas and are adjusted for all time zones and Daylight Savings Time where applicable.

Are they the answer to those empty-handed
fishing and hunting trips? You'll never know unless you try them.

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Fish and Game charts

Above: Curved line data charts show the actual magnitude and timing of the Earthtide which drives all fish and game prediction systems.

Below: Numeric data base shows the four major time periods during the solunar day consisting of the two major peaks along with the two minor peaks.

Fish and Game tables

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